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Herbal Aromatherapy
Head Nice
Aroma Oil & Cream
Nice Clean Head for Nice Children
A wonderful and 100% Pure and Natural blend without any harmful chemicals. A unique blend of essential oils, carefully blended for their properties.

  •  Directions

  • Head Nice Cream,
    Massage well into the scalp and leave overnight
    Shampoo and comb the hair in layers thoroughly
    Repeat as required.

  • Head Nice Oil,
    Brush or comb the hair very thoroughly morning and night
    Add 2 drops of Sweet Sensations Nice Head Oil to the final rinse after shampooing once a week.

  •  Warning
    Pure essential oils
    Keep away from children
    Do not take internally
    Do not use oil undiluted

  • General
    Lice are tiny brownish-grey six legged insects that lay their cream coloured eggs close to the skin, When they hatch they leave the white empty shells (nits) away from the scalp. Lice feed by biting and sucking out the blood as often as a thousand times a day, excreting their antiseptic saliva that can cause lethargy over a very long period. The presence of lice is detected by the dandruff-like nits.