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Herbal Aromatherapy
Sleep Easy
Aroma Oil, Cream & Pulse Point
Calms and Relaxes
A unique blend of essential oils, carefully blended for their calming and relaxing properties.

  •  Directions

  • Aroma Oil, apply 1-2 drops on tissue or 2-3 drops in oil burner or in the bath or a foot bath if preferred. For massage, Sleep Easy Aroma Oil must be diluted first in a suitable carrier oil such as sweet almond, add 3-6 drops to 10 ml carrier oil (2-3% dilution).

  • Pulse Point, Roll onto temples, along the hair line, wrists, chest or back of neck and breathe deeply.
    Repeat nightly as often as required.

  •  Warning
    Pure essential oils
    Keep away from children
    Do not take internally