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Aromatherapy Usage


Essential oils are very concentrated, volatile natural substances extracted from flowers, leaves, herbs, twigs, bark and resins, often referred to as the "life force" of plants, as they contain within them the unique complex properties of that plant in concentrated form. They should be used with care and apart from a few exceptions, they should not be used neat directly on the skin but first diluted and dissolved in a base carrier oil or water, and never taken internally except under the guidance of a qualified Aromatherapist.

Essential oils are very easily absorbed through the skin, moreover, when used in massage, baths, skin preparations or compresses some of the volatile essence is inhaled. The aroma alone can have subtle but real effect on the mind, and through the mind on the body, as some part of the essence will be absorbed through the lungs, and will enter the bloodstream.

An important quality of essential oils is the wide variety of ways in which they can be used.

  • Massage

With essential oils diluted in a carrier oil is the most important method of treatment, it combines the effect of the oils with the human contact. Add 3-6 drops of oil or a blend of your choice to 10 ml carrier oil (2-3% dilution). Sweet almond or coconut oils are very versatile carriers, however, all Sweet Sensations carriers are suitable. Choose your essential oils for mood or condition, blend well and use.

  • Bathing

The therapeutic qualities of hot water combined with essential oils, each enhances the potent effect of the other. Baths are the simplest method of use considered a valuable way of continuing the benefits of aromatherapy treatments. In a warm bath add 3-6 drops of your favourite oils, stir surface and immerse yourself for 15 minutes, relaxing while allowing the oils to penetrate your skin and inhaling the luxurious vapours. Essential oils can be diluted in coconut oil and added to bath water to moisturise your skin as you relax or diluted in 1 teaspoon of Sweet Sensation’s bath solubiliser to disperse the oils completely in the water.

  • Vaporisation

A wonderful and easy way to enjoy and benefit from essential oils. Choose your favourite oils to transform your home and create the atmosphere you desire. Add 5 drops of essential oils to a saucer of hot water or use Sweet Sensation’s Oil burner or light bulb fragrance ring. For Radiators, put 1-9 drops of essential oils on to a cotton wool ball and lodge it by the pipe where it is in contact with heat. For Humidifiers, add 1-9 drops of essential oils to the water. For Candles, light the candle and wait until the wax begins to melt then add 1-2 drops of essential oils to the warm wax, taking care not to get them on the wick as the oils are inflammable. For Wood fires, put 1 drop on each log and leave for half an hour before using, as the oil retains its effectiveness for a long time, the logs can be prepared in advance.

  • Inhalation

Put boiling water into a bowl and add 1-9 drops of essential oils to the water. Close doors and windows and allow five minutes for the aroma to permeate the room.

  • Room Spray

Add 1-4 drops of essential oils per 100 ml to a new plant sprayer filled with warm water, shake before use, spray as normal and avoid polished surfaces.

  • Perfumes

Why use synthetic chemicals perfumes today? Follow the Ancient Egyptians and use pure essential oils as perfumes. Dissolve a few drops of an essential oil or your personal blend of oils in a carrier oil or alcohol and apply to the body as you would a perfume. Try it to believe it.