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Aroma Use Contraindications UK Health & Safety Ailments successfully Treated Muscles & Joints Sportherapy Skin Care Oil Breathe Easy Head Easy Sleep Easy Daily De-Stress Mohagebat Fragile Hair Oil Head Nice Cellutherapy Ladies Blend (Youth) Ladies Blend (Mature) Aromantics Aroma Oil Travel Care Repel Shaving Oil Aromacream Aromasalt Air Freshners Oil Burners Aroma Rings Aroma Pillows Aromasoap


The Art & Science of using essential plant oils in treatments

Variety of ways of using essential oils

Contraindications & Warnings

Health & Safety

Ailments successfully treated using Essential Plant Oils

Muscles & Joints

Sports, Injuries & Warming-up

Nourishes & Improves Skin Appearance

Breathe Easy

Head Easy

Sleep Easy

Daily Stress Discomforts

Fragile Hair & Indian Head Massage
Hair & Scalp Massage Oil

Nice Clean Head, For Nice Children


Ladies Blend (Youth)

Ladies Blend (Mature)

Sensual Blends For The Romantics

Synergistic Blends for vaporisation

First Aid Pulse Point while out and about

Insect Repellent & Soother

Naturally, for Him & Her.
Forget Razor BURNS

Hand Made Natural Creams

Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts

Make Your Own Air Fresheners The Natural Way

Hand Made Stoneware Oil Burners

Simple Oil Vaporisers

The Natural Alternative Hot Water Bottle & Ice Packs

Hand Made Soaps


Stretch Marks Aid

Pregnancy Aid & Menstrual Regulator

Weight loss & Diet aid