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Herbal Aromatherapy
Hair & Scalp Massage Oil
Fragile Hair Oil
Fragile hair has often been abused so much by perms, colours, mousses and gels that there is not much left that isn't thin, split or that doesn't break on touching. It has to be treated very gently to avoid further breaking . Until that new growth is at the length you want it, the fragile hair needs to be treated with gentle care.

  • Application
    It is good for fragile hair and as a general hair nourisher, revitaliser and conditioner.
    Excellent for Indian Head Massage

  • Directions
    After shampooing, apply all over the hair and leave for at least twenty minutes before rinsing off. Gradually this application will build up the remaining cells and help prevent breakage.
    Each application requires 10 ml - 20 ml depending on hair length.
    Alternatively as a general hair nourishing, revitalising and conditioning oil, apply sparingly to the hair daily and leave on hair.

  •  Warning
    Pure essential oils
    Keep away from children
    Do not take internally