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Dear Colleague,

Aromatherapy and pure essential oils are phrases increasingly being used loosely without any reference to their actual meaning or regard for what they intended to be. With the industry trying to develop and grow as the current inclinations towards natural remedies increase, it will surprise you to know how many therapists yet alone the public, are finding it very difficult to obtain pure unadulterated essential oils without having access to sophisticated testing equipment.

As an Aromatherapist, you require and demand oils of the highest quality, pure, natural and unadulterated as their therapeutic value is paramount and not transposed by either synthetic, inferior quality or blended oils. We at Sweet Sensations fully understand and appreciate like yourself; that when you use two drops of an essential oil in a synergistic blend, you want to be absolutely sure and confident that you are using what you intent to use.

My name is Hossam Ragab, my company is Sweet Sensations, we are an Anglo Egyptian company specialising in the importation and supply of natural pure essential oils from Egypt and the Middle East, our offices in Egypt are at constant contact with essential oils' producers and backed up by highly skilful Egyptian staff who specialise in agronomy, aromatics and aromatherapy, with experience in the United States, Europe and the Middle East. All our products guaranteed to be of the highest quality unadulterated pure essential oils, supplied directly to you world wide, without the need of a chain of middle-men to inflate the price.

We are offering you essential oils of the highest quality at a very competitive price and hope you will try them.


Hossam E Ragab